3 Things You Can Do to Feel More Productive

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3 Things You Can Do to Feel More Productive

Credit for this amazing photo goes to Rekita Nicole. You should definitely check her out!

This week, I’ve been feeling majorly inspired to write about some characters I’d put on hold for a while. It’s a magical feeling. But it wasn’t like that last week. Last week was a moderated hell. I struggled to feel productive since I couldn’t find the will to write. I tried to schedule blog posts, tried to read, tried to do homework, but I couldn’t manage to evoque that sensation of accomplishment, except for a few things that did work!

These things helped me with my burst of inspiration, and it’s debatable whether they’re actually productive, but they’re fuuun.


Playing around with dollmakers

A while ago I talked a little bit about how useful dollmakers are to my character creating process, but there’s one more reason why I use them. BECAUSE IT’S SO DAMN FUN. You do feel like your taking much needed steps towards having more fleshed out characters, and at the same time get to relax a bit by having your most difficult decisions be if your character is going casual or formal!

You know what’s coming, right? I want to present to you my newest creation at Azalea’s Dolls, seizing this opportunity to introduce you to my newest babies! Ariadne and Nicholas!




Telling someone about your story’s plot (someone you trust, duh)

I guard my story’s plot zealously -most of the time!- because when I think no one will ever like it, I remember the times hen I get so supremely excited about all the little surprises and awesome things that I just love it so much. But a lot of elements and ideas that make my story’s plot and the world itself wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a few select people here. (I’m talking to you Paul, Valentina, Michelle, Giovanna and Mabe.) They are my go-to people to go gush about my newest story developments and actually get excited about it. Everytime I talk to them, their imput gives me new ideas and I feel inspired again. It actually makes me more productive! 


Having Fun with the Sweet Torture of Names

Names for characters, towns, cities, secre societies, weapons, languages and all kinds of things! SO MANY OPTIONS. I use name generators for everything. For characters, most of the time I just get inspiration and then come up with a name on my own, but for the rest, I really need help! Regardless, it’s so fun to search for the adequate names. Names have power people! Just think about Severus Snape, Sherlock Holmes, Katniss Everdeen… Memorable names!


Because sometimes time away from your writing doesn’t really help if what you feel you should be doing is actually writing! Me, it only brings me guilt, and a whole ton of insecurity, so I look for ways to do things that in one way or another are related to my work!


What makes you feel productive? What things do you do in order to start getting things done again?

Hi, I’m Pamela, your curly-haired bookdragon friend, here to talk about books, writing, introversion, and everything creativity! I also teach creative writing through workshops and online courses to spanish-speaking writers.

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7 responses to “3 Things You Can Do to Feel More Productive

  1. OMG. I used to play around with doll makers all the time, especially when I was stressed out. I don’t as much now, but I’m thinking that I should because it was a ton of fun.

    I also like the idea of telling someone you trust your plot. I’m still very guarded about that kind of stuff, especially since I’ve been plagiarized before, but if there ever comes a time when I’m ready to share, I might.
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  2. I listen to music a lot. Depending on what I want to do I change the playlist, but mostly it’s up beat, poppy, and even club music. Anything with a high bpm usually gets my blood pumping and makes me want to do anything to match the pace of the music. I surprise myself in whatI can get done if I really focus and get to it haha.
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  3. I actually never thought of playing around with dollmakers to help with writing! These tips are seriously good – I was considering drawing them out…but I remember from previous experience that I usually draw a bunch one day and then forget about the rest the day after xD Great tips 🙂
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