7 Very True Signs that You’re a Writer

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1. You think of alternate movie endings

Sometimes, movies can be downright unsatisfying, and that’s when we’re grateful for our weird little brains! We go from changing minor things in our minds to coming up with whole new storylines that might even be worth their own movie!

Also, hello fanfiction!

2. You wonder about other people’s lives

Not in a creepy way at all.


3. You like to read (duh)

All those beautiful words… Eventually you feel like you just need to write something too. It just happens.


4. You like to daydream of ‘what ifs’ in your own life

5. You’re not very good at English class

Maybe it’s just our weird writer brains that refuse to be caged by lectures and concepts. You think literature is much simpler than that. Though you could talk hours on end about books you’ve enjoyed, from various angles. But English class is just…. meh. Analyzing titles that you’re not that interested in is just not your cup of tea.

6. You’d like to live in a fantasy world

Just from watching movies, you find yourself wishing you lived in a fantasy world like Middle Earth, or Narnia.

7. No one ‘gets’ you

You find yourself often being considered as odd. Your brain just doesn’t work quite the same way others’ do. And when you try to explain yourself, it doesn’t really work. 


How did you first started to write?

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