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Reverie Society (previously A Writer’s Tales), is first and foremost about creativity, happiness, and empowerement. I  help people -specially introverts- feel inspired to create, achieve happiness by following their passion, writing and reading good books!

I’m a huge believer that everyone, everyone has a story in them, and I’m committed to sharing what I know about the writing journey to get you started in yours and make sure it’s epic.


Hi, I’m Pamela

I’m a curly-haired ecuadorian bookwmorm that loves everything dragons and magic.

I spend my time pretending to be an International Business Management major, writing, pretending I’m writing, and developing content for introverts and super awesome creative people.

As a former bullying victim and introvert, I want to see empowered people that turn their perceived flaws into their biggest assets, learn from negative experiences and find happiness in their passions.

Favorite Genres

High Fantasy

Urban Fantasy


Historical Romance

Favorite Authors

Julie Kagawa

Melina Marchetta

Stacey Jay

Leigh Bardugo

Laini Taylor

C.L. Wilson

Get inspired

I want to send you content that will entertain you, motivate you to write your stories, make you think, and help you find awesome books!

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