BBCP Wrap-Up: Or How I Just Chilled Like a Boss

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At the end of september, I posted about how the amazing Nori created the Book Blogger Creativity Project. Now, at presque the end of october, it’s time to see how I did!

Let’s take a look at the initial bucket list, shall we?

  •   Cross post all reviews (EW, GR, LT, Amazon)
  •   Get one month ahead on all posts
  •   Use more photography in posts
  •   Bloghop weekly
  •   ALWAYS double-check and triple-check posts for spelling, grammar, etc
  •   Take my Netgalley approval ratio up to 85%.
  •   Make new friends & interact more with other blogs
  •   Engage more on Twitter
  •   Reply  on all the comments without fail.
  •   Make a dent in my Netgalley e-ARC pile (covers eyes)
  •   Try to manage time between blogging, reading, school and life efficiently
  •   Host at least one guest writer on my blog.
  •   Try out more bookish challenges.

Yikes! Not as well as I’d hoped when I set out to do this. 🙁 Does being on vacation count as an excuse?


Cross Posting and Scheduling

*nervous laugh* What can I say? I suck at this.


Photography and Blog-hopping

I started with sharing some pics from my vacations, and I’m probably going to start including pics in reviews too, if I have the book in paperback or a hardcover. As for blog-hopping, I did go browing, but I wasn’t very good at commenting, though. I’m going to change that.


Engaging more on Twitter  and replying  on all the comments without fail

Hmm considering I didn’t participate of any chats, and haven’t caught up on all the comments, these I definitely have to work on.

Hosting at least one guest writer on my blog and trying out more bookish challenges

*more nervous laugh*


So… as you can see, I didn’t put much conscious effort into crossing out all those goals, but hey, I’ll get there. And to all my team Lilac peeps, I hope you did better than I did! 😀


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