I Actually Don’t Know What to Post

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No, I’m not kidding.

It’s been some time since I wrote a discussion post, so I sat down to think. What should I write about? The thing was, I had no idea. I still have no idea. Normally, discussion posts are born from a super powerful need to say something.

Well, I don’t have it now. But I need to write something. And now I’m doing it. So, I more or less have succeeded.

I felt really bad about not coming up with absolutely anything (apart from this confession) to blog about, with so many possibilities. My mind, unfortunately, is refusing to cooperate. But it made me wonder, just how many of us bloggers have ever felt this way, and how often? How often do we feel a it disappointed about not being able to deliver the quality content readers expect?

I’m betting it isn’t just me, and it hasn’t been only once.

The thing is, what are we to do if it isn’t a problem that can be fixed by taking a blogging break? It’s not about being swamped or having no inspiration to blog in general. It’s just… I’m out of ideas for now. I’m hoping I’ll come up with something soon, but it’s right now that it sucks.

This confession saved my butt, but I’ll still have to figure out what to do with my lack of ideas. I’m in no way out of the ‘danger zone’ yet, but as I write this, I can see not all hope is lost yet. Because this counts, doesn’t it? If it counts then for all you guys out there that struggle, have struggle or will struggle with this, that maybe it is a good idea to just go ahead and admit it. In fact, I’ll do it again.


Status: Waiting for inspiration to hit.


Have you ever felt this way? What have you done to fix it?

Hi, I’m Pamela, your curly-haired bookdragon friend, here to talk about books, writing, introversion, and everything creativity! I also teach creative writing through workshops and online courses to spanish-speaking writers.

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4 responses to “I Actually Don’t Know What to Post

  1. Whenever I get really stuck on what to write about it, I either do some tags that well, I wasn’t actually tagged to do (hehehe) or I read a lot of books so I have a lot of reviews lined up! But if you are looking for a discussion post, I google prompts for them, or make some top ten lists based on one idea. I mean, there are loads of prompts out there all over the internet, so there will definitely be something for you talk about!
    Olivia Roach recently posted this awesome thing…Alabama Stories (Review & Giveaway!)My Profile

    • I’ve been slowly coming out of my blogging block, but thanks for the suggestions! You’re right, sometimes we have to go searching for the inspiration instead of waiting for it to strike!

  2. This has happened to me quite a few times as well. Sometimes it’s not just that I can’t think of ideas, but that when I start trying to write one of my ideas, I can’t seem to get very far with it. The only way I’ve ever been able to fix it is to just persevere with it, and when I have no ideas at all I just look back at a running list I keep of ideas and try and force myself to write one of those. Sometimes it’s more successful than others.
    I hope inspiration hits for you soon though! I tend to find my inspiration levels run in cycles where sometimes I’m super inspired and other times I can’t think of a single thing, so I’m sure you’ll be back to having loads of ideas soon.
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    • Cycles… I see. I really hope I get past this stage soon too! Thanks for the advice, though, I’ll start trying to work on one of the topics I’ve been thinking about. See if anything comes out of it.