3 Lessons Learned from Switching Blog Themes (Top 10 Gorgeous WP Themes)

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Hi everyone! Reverie Society, previously ‘A Writer’s Tales’ has had a long history of design changes. Truly, I’ve tried so, so many things. Different colors, different layouts… And, even different themes.

When I first started I operated with the Sugar and Spice theme, a free theme from the WordPress library. Yeah, I really dug the sweetness. But not soon after, I discovered Nosegraze and her amazing work as designer and developer for book bloggers. Her themes are so gorgeous and I made it my life goal to convince my dad to allow me to buy one of those.

Eventually, I did! Yay!

This is theme I’m currently using.

have used others, but free ones for a day or two. The only other theme that I purchased was Juliette. Juliette was the epitome of everything I was looking for at the time. It looks beautiful, professional, and it has that menu with the logo thing that I’d been dying to implement in my blog, but couldn’t code it myself. (I still sigh when I see it. It’s so pretty!)

Now, I want to share a few lessons I learned from having done this shift.


Customization > Prettiness

This is something I learned very, very soon in my blogging journey. Because, you know, Sugar and Spice is very pretty. But the problem, the reason why I eventually shifted to Tweak Me was because with Sugar and Spice, there was only so much I could change. Well, wordpress allows you to do essentially anything, but let’s be honest. Most of us aren’t code-savvy. We want our themes to either be exactly what we’re looking for, or to have the options that will let us customize it to be exactly what we’re looking for. That was what Tweak Me was for me. The option to change a lot of stuff without having to mess with code.


Except when looking for something specific

So, you may be asking, if you loved customization so much, why would you go with Juliette? Because I was looking for something specific. I tried, believe me. I tried to find a way to code the logo in the center of the menu thingy but it just didn’t work. So I decided to invest in a new theme that would just give me what I wanted.

Because of that, of course that specific features might win over customization. It really depends on which you want most. Ideally, a theme should have both, but well, you can’t have it all. Or, rather, you can but you would have to pay more money for it, and we’re talking about a college student so… trying to cut back the expenses and go as DIY as possible!


Themes with lots of features (shortcodes) are not always the best

Tweak Me used to have a lot of these, but then Ashley did a major rehaul of the theme, apologizing for the incoveniences. She explained that themes weren’t supposed to be about functionality (this is the role of plugins), but only about design. I understood, but I don’t think it really sank until I experienced it myself. Juliette is gorgeous, like I said. But it has this problem… It has a lot of shortcodes. I had been warned so I was very careful of where I used them. Only in the homepage, where I could keep track of where they were.

When I decided to switch back to Tweak Me, it was easy for me to make the change. But imagine if I had used the fancy shortcodes in a shit load of posts. They would look like [shortcode][/shortcode] everywhere! I would have had to manually go over every post and delete them.

So tread carefully there. With Juliette, I had sworn I would to stick with that theme, and that it wouldn’t be a problem, but I did switch again, so you never know. Always be prepared for change!




10 Beautiful WordPress Themes

My theme-hunting journey has brought me to discover so many amazing ones! And if you are currently or ever in the mood for a makeover for your dear blog, then here are a couple you should definitely check out (in no particular order)!

These are all for self-hosted WordPress websites, so if your blog ends in wordpress.com, or is using the blogger platform, they won’t work for your blog 🙁 However, keep this handy if you ever want to self-host 🙂


Less than $60

1. Chanel – 17th Avenue Designs ($49)


Take me to the theme


2. Fiona -The Lovely Design ($39)


Take me to the theme


3. Marion -Lovely Confetti ($55)


Take me to the theme


4. Ingrid -Nosegraze (FREE)


Take me to the theme


5. Mary Kate -Angie Makes (FREE)


Take me to the theme


6. Enamored -Beautiful Dawn Designs ($45)


Take me to the theme


6. Serenity -Beautiful Dawn Designs ($55)


Take me to the theme


Over $60

7. Marilyn -Bluchic ($79)


Take me to the theme


8. Hello Foxy -Hello You Designs ($65)


Take me to the theme


9. Noah -Nosegraze ($69)


Take me to the theme


10. Gentry -Angie Makes ($70)


Take me to the theme



Hi, I’m Pamela, your curly-haired bookdragon friend, here to talk about books, writing, introversion, and everything creativity! I also teach creative writing through workshops and online courses to spanish-speaking writers.

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10 responses to “3 Lessons Learned from Switching Blog Themes (Top 10 Gorgeous WP Themes)

  1. These themes are all so gorgeous! Currently I just have a free WordPress account for my blog, but I’ve thought about upgrading a lot because there’s just so much more wiggle room as far as customization goes. Is it difficult to set up at first?

    • Yay! And no, not really! It does seem a bit overwhelming, but as for tech things, when you really sit down and start doing them, it becomes less so (There are a ton of very helpful step by step tutorials out there depending on your host :3)

      As for all the customization options, those are always overwhelming but it’s so much fun!

    • Tweak me is pretty handy XD You can do ‘mostly’ anything. And lol, I just can’t imagine your blog being any other way because it’s so cemented in my mind that that’s your blog XD

  2. I only changed themes twice since I started blogging, but I am constantly looking at themes and bloggers and designs and customizations available, it makes me dreamy ahah, but also quite scared, to be honest. I’m scared of messing everything up in my blog, haha. Thank you for sharing all of these gorgeous themes, will keep that in my bookmarks for sure, whenever I finally feel like changing again 🙂

    • That’s completely understandable! I’ve gotten a few scares myself, but luckily, I was able to save it thanks to Google XD. Glad you’ll consider it! Still, I like your current theme a lot! I’m always able to immediately see the relevant posts thanks to your slider!

  3. I’ve changed my themes a few times now, but I’m still using free themes from WordPress. I do know that I’m not going to stick with my current website theme forever, but I haven’t ran into any limitations that I couldn’t work around yet, so until then, I’m happy with my current theme. I love the theme selections you have in your post, so I’m definitely bookmarking this page for later when I decide to change my theme — this post would have been so helpful when I was just starting out with blogging! 😆

    • I wish I had had this too XD There are so many options they’re overwhelming! Of course all of these kind of fall into the ‘feminine’ category. There are many more that are more neutral and are gorgeous *heart eyes*. I think using free ones is still quite nice because a lot are top notch themes. It’s the selections for wordpress.com I used to feel really limited by. But the library for wordpress.org is really cool! That’s where I got my Sugar & Spice first theme! XD

  4. Rasya

    I agree about the shortcodes thing. It’s annoying to change everything whenever I change my theme.

    All of the themes are super pretty and feminine but I love my current theme more 😜

    • XD I’m happy that you love it! Changing themes is exciting, but staying with one you like is even better. It feels like you’ve finally found your home <3 It's just that people create some beautiful things, so there they are if some peeps need some inspo.

      I love how your front page displays the posts, and the instagram feed section, looking very autumn-ish <3!