Revamp Your Blog Content (10+ content ideas)

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This post is part of Bloggiesta, a week long event for bloggers to work on their own to-do lists to make blogging better! Check out their blog for more challenges and news!


Producing great content is the key to a successful blog. And on that note, successful is whatever you want it to be, so don’t stress too much over that.

Now, let’s back up to great content.


What is ‘great content’?

This is, in short, whatever it is that your readers like to read. Be that, informational posts like tutorials and guides; or entertaining ones like top 10 lists, inspirational like personal experiences; or a mix of all of these.


But what if you don’t want to write what your readers want to read?

First of all, you should be clear on who you’re blogging for. If it’s just for you, then stop right here and keep on rocking your blog!

But if you do want people to come to your blog and read and share and comment, then continue.

Now, wanting people to enjoy your content doesn’t mean that you’re not doing it for you too. In my mind, all content ideas must pass two filters.

  1. Do I like this idea?
  2. Will my readers find value, or entertainment in this idea?

Only if the answer to the first question is yes, you can start asking what your readers want. Because it makes no sense to put this much effort into something you don’t enjoy. Your blog is your space, so be sure you’re comfortable with what’s in it.

It’s like having a house. If you’re all awkward and not at ease in it, your guests are going to notice, and even though you may have prettied things up for them, trust me, they won’t feel at home either.



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What is your blog content structure?

Yes, this is a thing. My blog content is formed by:

  • Book reviews
  • Writing posts
  • Introvert posts
  • Discussions on reading
  • Occasional blogging posts (like this one!)

Now, can you say, roughly, how much space each type of content takes up in your blog? 

Yeah… These are more or less my current numbers and I’m not very happy with them. So next step…

Make a plan for new content

My plan is to cut on the book reviews a bit, and also the blogging tips, in order to make more space for writing and introvert posts.

What’s your plan?

Now, general stuff like ‘writing posts’ don’t equal content. How do you come up with content in these categories?




How I get ideas for content

The totally random method

I thought it still needed to be mentioned, but this is when inspiration strikes, and because the universe wills it so, a grand idea for a blog post grows in your mind.


The market research method

Of course, if the above happened all the time, we wouldn’t fall into blogging slumps so often! The truth is, like with writing  a novel, inspiration isn’t always going to be there. Sometimes you have to go actively looking for it.

Other blogs are your best friends! Go through the blogs you follow through email, check your bloglovin’ feed, visit your twitter friends’ blogs. You’ll get ideas for posts on similar topics than the ones you see around. And this is not wrong. If you steal their content, that’s wrong. But suppose someone’s post is 5 ways of being more productive in blogging, and you have your own tips, then there’s nothing stopping you from sharing your knowledge as well!

And by the way, I did write a  post on 3 things you can do to feel more productive.


The totally awesome method

Use your own categories of content! Let’s go with introversion posts.


As many words as I can  about this topic.

  • Socializing
  • Friendships
  • Self-esteem

For now, let’s work with those.

2.Make titles!


  • 3 ways to make socializing less awkward
  • How to stay friends with extroverts
  • 3 daily habits to keep up your self-esteem


Tip: This process usually works better for me when I do it on paper instead of using a word document or a spreadsheet.

Also, I recently discovered this title generator that is awesome. 

Just enter your topic and it gives you tons of ideas for blog posts! It’s been a game changer for me since I have so much content planned for next month already!


And because sometimes we forget all the options available when it comes to content, I put together a list of ideas you can check out everytime you feel like you’re not sure what type of content to create.


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I hope this has been useful!

Now go revamp your blog’s content and plan all the amazing posts you’ll be creating next month! I challenge you to plan those ahead by making a list of all the ideas you come up with.


What kind of content do you post more? What would you like to post more about?

Hi, I’m Pamela, your curly-haired bookdragon friend, here to talk about books, writing, introversion, and everything creativity! I also teach creative writing through workshops and online courses to spanish-speaking writers.

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10 responses to “Revamp Your Blog Content (10+ content ideas)

  1. Very fun! I’ve already had some things in the works and I’ve been blogging long enough to get most of this stuff, but that title generator is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing and challenging me to think more about my ratio of content!!

  2. First of all, OMG PAM YOU CHANGED YOUR DESIGN a bit didn’t you? I love it, it looks absolutely stunning and I feel sad I haven’t noticed before.
    Second of all, thank you for all of these lovely tips and tricks! Brainstorming and changing things up is always a great thing, I think, to keep the blogging frenzy alive. I have my own rhythm of blogging and my habits these days, but… well, maybe changing a bit could be good 🙂

    • Hahaha YES I DID. I loved my previous theme, but I went crazy one day and decided I wanted one with less customization and that had exactly what I wanted. I’m still tweaking it but I’m so happy so far it looks good and you like it!

      Your’re sort of in a regular roll Marie! I love your blog content! But yes, brainstorming blog ideas always gets me in a good mood and work-mode!

  3. I feel like I’d have enough variety if I would stick with the features I start. My problem has been starting different features and then not keeping up with them. I think there’s a possibility that my lack of consistency has hurt me. I come up with what seem like good ideas, but then stop doing them either because I don’t have time or because I think no one is reading them. But I don’t know if they’re not reading them because they’re not interesting or what readers want to see, or they’re not reading them because they don’t know about them. I recently cleaned house and deleted a lot of old posts that seemed pointless now. While I was doing this, I was amazed at how many different attempts I have made at starting up some kind of regular feature. It’s kind of embarrassing, actually, because part of me feels like I was wasting my time making all those posts. Who cares what kind of posts I come up with if no one is finding my blog in the first place? And, I think, it comes down to me not knowing what it is that readers want to see. That’s why I have tried so many different things.

    • I know it’s frustrating, specially when you’re trying so many things but none of them seem to work. I’ve started features that have received from zero to medium engagement, which is why I don’t have a signature one yet. (In the process of planning a new one tho!) So, I’d say, keep coming up with feature ideas until you find what your readers want! Watch for the kind of things that are working for other bloggers. 😀 You’ll find it!

  4. I’m definitely using the title generator and your worksheet to help plan more content. I mostly post reviews, but I’ve started scheduling 1 discussion/life post a week. But I’d love to start posting more content that isn’t just reviews to shake things up a bit. Thanks for the mini challenge. Off to work on ideas!